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20 Signs That Spring Has Sprung In Montreal…

Spring is sprung when there is very happy people around


As the last of the snow melts and the landscape thaws, trees are slowly coming back to life, flowers are starting to spring up and basil plants, towels and outdoor furniture are being sold in the supermarkets. These are evident signs that Spring is here. Yet, there are some other changes around the hood that point to the fact that “Spring is Sprung” in Le Plateau, Montreal!


It is sunny and ten degrees!! The long awaited Spring (Printemps) is here!

And just like that – I am falling in love with Montreal, all over again! No longer is she the “cruel mistress” of winter, but she’s transforming herself into that old, familiar, vibrant, captivating, warm-hearted friend – in the persona of Spring.

The friend, who is leading me, towards Summer!


Here are 20 Signs That Spring Has Sprung In Montreal:


1. The Terraces are back!


2. Ice cream shops re-open


3. There is a huge amount of people out at 1am on a Wednesday night, just because it was sunny and 7 degrees during the day – a cause for celebration!


4. You no longer need woolen stockings under your jeans and you can leave the house without gloves on


5. The outdoor market returns as do the street performers at Metro Mont-Royal – AND there is a crowd watching



Spring is sprung when street performers are at metro Mont-Royal AND there is a crowd watching

Spring means live music everywhere!


6. Guys are wearing shorts at 6 degrees


7. Condoms are given out on terraces (for a donation to charity) and boys take girls flowers



Guy bringing flowers

Love is in the air!


8. Bike shops are crowded with people pumping their bike tyres with air. Everyone is on their bike again!





9. Your weather application FINALLY stops sending you alerts to your devices to tell you that, “It’s freezing!”


10. Sunglasses are being sold on the street



Sunglasses for sale in Le Plateau

Yay – we now need sunglasses again!


11. Photography exhibitions return to Avenue Mont-Royal


Spring is sprung when photography exhibitions return to the streets

Photo exhibitions return to Ave Montreal


12. Skateboarders are now back ‘en force’ on the streets – some riders have guitars on their backs!


13. The “Banana lounges” return to Metro Mont-Royal



Chairs in Le Plateau

Nothing like a good banana to sit on!


14. Dry Cleaning shops have an influx of heavy winter jackets


15. Strollers are everywhere on the streets, and now they can even be left outside!



Strollers in Le Plateau

Spring is the time for “strolling”


16. The Spring ‘soundtrack’ is that of drills, saws and banging – maintenance projects around the neighbourhood are in full swing


17. Snow removal vehicles can be seen on the back of trucks, leaving the city


18. Bixi Bikes return! And they will be FREE, for rides under 30 minutes on the last Sunday of every month, starting May 29th.



Biki Bikes in Le Plateau

Yay, the Bixi’s are back!


19. I can now wear thongs to put the rubbish out (that is – flip flops, not underwear!)


20. The Tam Tams at Mont-Royal are back on!






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    June 12, 2016 at 1:05 pm

    Great article and so true!! Unfortunately, it seems that spring lasts about one week in Montreal, weather changing from 0°C to 25°C overnight….!!

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