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First snowfall Montreal

First snowfall Montreal, Le Plateau


What an insightful, new experience walking around my local Montreal neighbourhood after the first snowfall! It was challenging at times, navigating intersections with sludge and pools of water, trying not to fall into a hole, or slip as I rushed for the lights. Taking my time, I visited some of my favourite spots in Le Plateau to see how they looked under snow.


There have been months of anticipation for me about the first snowfall and the impending winter. Shovelling snow off my balcony and walking the icy streets at -10 degrees, is another first for me here. With snow on the ground, children were laughing, screaming and playing while the street was full of the noise of people scraping snow off stairwells and entranceways. Without a doubt, this will be a winter full of adventure! Here are some pictures of the first snowfall Montreal.


Photo Gallery:  First snowfall Montreal

Le Plateau, Avenue Mont-Royal and Mont-Royal



Many locals say what they love about the snow is how quiet it can be on the streets and how everything looks clean because the streets and pavements are covered in pristine white snow. One amusing aspect of the first snowfall was the immediate presence of snow moving equipment which came out with lightening speed efficiency to shovel snow from pavements and clean the roads. Also my shovel came out, and for the first time, I cleared snow and ice from my balcony.




This is only the beginning, so I am sure there will be more stories to tell!



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