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Myths About Colombia

Myths About Colombia

Arriving in a country once considered the most dangerous place on earth, I had legitimate concerns and uncertain expectations. Yet to my happy relief, most of my preconceptions about Colombia turned out to be myths.

Meandering through the colourful, ancient town of Cartagena at dusk, there was no escaping the vibrant energy. The apprehensions I held before arrival, determined by the country’s turbulent and violent past, dissipated almost instantaneously into the balmy evening.

I discovered colonial cities, encountered untouched jungle teeming with wildlife, visited archaeological sites, scenic mountainous coffee regions and azure Caribbean beaches. The locals were welcoming and fun-loving, and I got swept away by their music and sensual salsa.

In other words, Colombia was abundant with pleasant surprises! I discovered there were many Myths About Colombia.

To continue reading please go to the article originally published by News Corp: Myths About Colombia, debunked

Myths About Colombia

Spectacular Cartagena at Sunrise

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