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Silly Things Said to Australians in Canada – Part 2

silly things said to australians part 2


During the ‘festive season’ last year I posted one of my most successful blog pieces thus far:

Silly Things Said to Australians in Canada.

But since then, many more silly things have been said – so I’m following it up with a Part 2!


Silly Things Said to Australians in Canada Part 2

Uber Driver comment – TWO Australia’s!??

Speaking to my Uber driver coming home in Montreal one night. Asking him where he was from and him explaining Pakistan but he’d lived in Montreal for 20 years.

He asks me where I am from…


Enthusiastically he replies – “There are two Australia’s!”


Does he mean Australia and New Zealand, or even the mainland and Tasmania!?

Then he goes on – “Austria and Australia!”

I laugh in bewilderment.

“These countries are kind of different!? Not ONLY are their names spelt differently (the extra “AL” does count for something), more importantly they are on the other sides of the world to one another. So how are they two Australia’s!?”

(I arrive home having had the best belly laugh I had had in awhile. I’m confounded about some people’s sense of logic sometimes!)

Question from an immigrant to Canada 

“Oh you’re from Australia!? But you’re white? I thought it was hot there!?”

(I’d been in Montreal over the winter, what did they expect!?)

Question from a friend in Montreal

“So if we were in a park like this (in a small city park in the NDG – a busy residential and business district in Montreal) in Sydney would we look up and see koalas in the trees?”

(No guys, the wildlife stays safely in the bush and are NOT on big city streets very often)

Exchange with a student in Montreal

Me – “Hi, I’m from Australia.”

Me, again – “And… my friend here, Michaela, she is from Austria.”

Response – “Oh so you are from the same place!”

Me – thinking to myself, really? How do people NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AUSTRALIA AND AUSTRIA!?

(It’s as if we are from Switzerland or Sweden because everyone gets those mixed up as well!!!??)

Contributions made by other Australians

Thanks to all those who contributed to this, by sending me their comments and responses to the first blog, Silly Things Said to Australians in Canada. Love to hear more funny comments below or on the Wing Woman Adventures Facebook page!

Nathanael Taylor “No, I do not know your Italian cousin in Sydney.”

Dee Robbie “Are you guys serving shrimp on the barbie today??”

Anita Cuisinier I was asked twice today if I am English. I get this question approximately 4 times a week, and I’ve been living in Montreal for 5 years now.

Darrin Haverhoek “You must have good schools in Australia, you speak really good English!!!!!!” Haha classic

Keith Kerr The one I get the most is “Why the hell did you leave there to come here??”

Ratfink Finkrat A person in Canada tried to explain to me what spaghetti is, once. Coincidentally, the same person who later sent a letter addressed to me in Austria.


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  • Reply
    Monika Smith
    January 8, 2017 at 11:10 pm

    I had a letter from an acquaintance in Germany who wanted to come for 4 weeks, stay with us in Brisbane and explore Australia from our place. I sent her a map of Australia and never heard from her again!

    • Reply
      Wing Woman Adventures
      January 10, 2017 at 8:46 am

      I’m guessing she had no idea how big Australia actually is? Funny Monika – thanks for your contribution.

  • Reply
    Peter Dawson
    January 2, 2017 at 8:09 am

    As an Australian living in the midlands of UK, it having been discovered that I was from Aussie I was asked if I knew someone’s aunt in Queensland. I replied that she probably lived further from my home than the current conversation was from Moscow.

    On announcing our impending departure from the UK to New Zealand, I was greeted with the comment “Oh, you’ll be close to home then?”, again, Moscow was closer, given that it’s 4:30 flying from NZ to Adelaide…

    • Reply
      Wing Woman Adventures
      January 3, 2017 at 2:10 am

      Haha! Funny Peter! Thanks for sharing!

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