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Surprising Things About Montreal

Vintage shop, Duluth St, Le Plateau, Montreal


After almost a year of living in Montreal, this city continues to offer some unexpected, quirky insights and delights!


Surprising Things About Montreal:


Sugar Graphs For Wine


The liquor shops, SAQ, present a sugar graph beside the price of a bottle of wine – GENIUS!

With so many people conscious of calories and trying to minimise sugar intake, this graph will now influence many people’s vino buying decisions…



Places To Sit Or Lounge


Rocking chairs are located across Le Plateau, just in case you want to take a break and calm yourself!

Plus other outdoor seating and lounging is provided by council in Spring and Summer.

Montreal makes you feel cared for.





The most impractical recycling system known to the developing world!

More than a few bottles takes the bottom out of these light weight recycling bags – and if the bottles don’t rip the plastic, someone looking for paid recyclables will.



Rashes Of Bacon


Surprising Things About Montreal

Um, is there any meat aside from fat in these rashes!?



When you buy bacon from the charcuterie, this is what it looks like….

Um, where is the meat?







Finding free, useful things on the street

Surprising things about Montreal

Love a free fan!



My home contains free items: skii’s (OK they were a bit old), a coat rack and a fan.

If not on the street, you will find a useful second hand item at La Chainon on Ave St Laurent.

I kitted out a whole winter wardrobe from this place, plus bought a hairdryer ($7), a vacuum cleaner ($10) and improvised jewellery holders ($6)! Plus La Chainon is a charity organisation which supports Montreal women in need.




Montreal’s “Moving Day”


Not only is the concept of a ‘moving day’ strange, it is even more illogical that it is set on July 1, Canada Day.

Unlike Australia, when people move apartments or houses any day of the year, in Quebec there is the phenomenon of July 1, being the day in which most leases commence – and everyone moves.

This means the streets are crowded with removal trucks. Not the best vibe for a National Day!?

Anyway Quebec has their ‘own’ day, La Fête Nationale, on June 24th. So this is the day where Montrealers celebrate their patriotism, without having to carry boxes and move furniture!


Parade, Canada Day, Banff

On the move on Canada Day!


Bikes And Milk Crates


A high percentage of Montrealers have used ingenuity, converting milk crates to act as a basket on the back of bikes.

Montrealers like their vintage, creative accessories.



There is no such thing as a ‘simple’ Spring garden


To make up for the lack of life in the winter, a love of all things which grow takes on SERIOUS preoccupation in Spring.

Hence you don’t just have one flower pot – the more the better!






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    Wing Woman Adventures
    June 8, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    How could I forget – SPLITTING THE BILL!
    In Montreal, it is common that when eating or drinking in a group, when you finish you all get your individual bills.
    No painful moments, trying to work out – who had what and how much everyone owes!
    I went to a pub the other day with 4 people – some had just drinks, some had food, and we all shared some fries.
    Not only did the waitress split our bills – but also split the fries 4 ways!
    I LOVE customer service in Montreal!!!!

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