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  • One Day In Panama
    Travel Stories

    One Day In Panama

    Very few travel experiences have changed my views on migrants as profoundly as the experience of crossing the border from Colombia to Panama. Meeting Cubans, hoping to also make the crossing,…

  • Epic Journey to the Panama Border
    Travel Stories

    Epic Journey to the Panama Border

    On a small motorboat bound for Colombia’s border with Panama, the ocean was as treacherous as my mindset. "Epic Journey" represents a metaphorical turning point in my life. Out of the…

  • Myths About Colombia
    Travel Thoughts

    Myths About Colombia

    As first seen on Before visiting Colombia, I had many preconceptions of what to expect from a country which was once one of the most dangerous in the world. Times have…

  • Solo Friendly Destinations
    Travel Tips

    Solo Friendly Destinations

    Whilst hugely rewarding, solo travel is not always an easy undertaking. Some places are better suited to the single, whilst others can be testing. If you’re considering appropriate locations, here are…

  • Best Places To Stay In Colombia
    Travel Thoughts

    Leaving Colombia

    This is a quick snippet of the unique travel encounters you can experience in Colombia, a country which exceeded all my expectations! Travelling solo for six weeks was one of the…