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Choose your own adventure at Machu Picchu

How to Book Machu Picchu tickets

When I started planning my trip to Machu Picchu, I was a little confused about how to actually get there.  Did I have to walk the Inca Trail to see the ruins? Did I have to join a group or packaged tour, or preferably, could I visit Machu Picchu by planning and booking my own trip?

Visiting this wonder of the world had been a lifelong dream but I only had five days to spare, before heading down to Chile to meet a tour. I had decided my trekking boots were hung up from my days of hiking in Nepal and since I didn’t have time to walk the Inca trail or other treks, I concentrated on visiting the ruins themselves.

It did take some patience, time and effort, but I successfully organised my own four-night trip to see this awe-inspiring place. I got to Machu Picchu cheaply, easily and independently, without doing a hike.

See my article on the Cover-More Travel Insurance Machu Picchu blog, to see how you can do the same!

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