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One Day In Panama

One Day In Panama

After my “Epic Journey” to Sapzurro, Colombia, I crossed the border into Panama on foot. Very few travel experiences have changed my views on migrants as profoundly as this experience. Meeting Cubans, hoping to also make the crossing, gave me some insights into the refugee crisis around the world. This was my One Day In Panama.

As day trips go – this was an eye opener.

Just over the border from Colombia, I discovered a spectacular beach, La Miel, a small duty free shop and a brigade of military, in one of the most remote places I’ve ever been.

What I also encountered were Cuban refugees at the border.

They were hoping to get through to Panama and eventually make their way to the United States, through the Darien Gap, dangerous jungle territory filled with treacherous animals and drug and people smugglers.

Meeting these front line migrants, hoping to make a new start somewhere, gave me an emotional insight into the world’s “relocation” crisis and how desperate some are to cross a border.

This was my one day in Panama…

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