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  • Photo Blog: Buildings of Montreal
    Travel Stories

    Photo Blog: Buildings of Montreal

    As they say, a picture┬áis worth a thousand words! During my travels around the streets of Montreal, I captured some of the architecture and street landscapes which fascinated me most. Here…

  • Things I miss about Montreal
    Travel Thoughts

    Things I Miss About Montreal

    Ever wondered what Montreal Canada is like? This blog, Things I Miss About Montreal, might give you an idea of her positives. To be fair I also included what I don't…

  • First snowfall Montreal, Le Plateau
    Travel Stories

    First snowfall Montreal

    My first snowfall in Montreal! What an insightful, new experience! Here is a photo gallery of the first snowfall in Montreal, in my local neighbourhood, Le Plateau, Avenue Mont-Royal and Mont-Royal.…

  • Street Art, Boulevard St-Laurent
    Travel Stories

    Street Art in Montreal

    Le Plateau Mont-Royal, otherwise known as "The Plateau" is a vibrant neighbourhood. Here you'll see some of the most interesting street art in Montreal.…