Wing Woman Adventures Story

The mid 1990’s – that’s when the Wing Woman Adventures story really began.

For five months in my early 20’s, I backpacked through India, Nepal and Thailand – solo.

It was an awakening to the world!

More than courage or independence, it was my voracious curiosity which propelled me through the adventures, some of which were a little harrowing at times.

During my early years of travel, I was kidnapped by a Spanish taxi driver, robbed on an overnight bus from Bangkok to Surat Thani, threatened by a US Veteran in Krabi, and was groped in India!

Despite these encounters, the benefits of seeing the world have immensely outweighed the negatives and risks.

Travel offers us so much, remarkable breathtaking landscapes and vistas, warm engaging peoples, diverse cuisines, cultures, music, art and architecture – it inspires us all to understand the world a little better, and ourselves, along the way.

Life is enriched through connecting with local people and inspiring travellers from all over the world.

Travel teaches us to live more in the moment. On travel journeys, the past fades away and the future just depends on concentrating on the here and now! It’s a wonderful feeling to be truly present.

To travel widely and independently is one of the most insightful, character and confidence building exercises you can ever undertake! Travel teaches more than any school or university could ever achieve.

Since my early years of travel, I didn’t travel solo again until 2012.

Being wiser to the world, wary of the dangers, afraid of putting myself in challenging circumstances again, having work commitments and no partner, I had resisted the urge to go away again alone for quite sometime – almost 15 years.

Yet Croatia had found a place in my dreams. My fascination went on for years. I looked up photos, read about it and heard stories from friends. I was captivated and really wanted to go.

I endeavoured to recruit a travelling companion but none of my friends were in a position to travel. Finally, the compulsion for the azure water and the allure of the Dalmatian Coast, prevailed over my hesitation of travelling alone.

Reasoning that I had travelled solo before, a lot less wise but maybe more courageous, I could do it again now older and more street smart.

It was time to take to my wings again!

Over five weeks I travelled from Paris to Rome and Perugia, then took the ferry from Ancona Italy to Split Croatia. From there, I island hopped down the Dalmatian coast to Montenegro.

Once again, I was hooked on travel and my confidence in being an independent solo traveller ignited.

After I returned from this trip to Europe, I felt compelled to share my stories, information, inspiration and insights – to help others plan their adventures and provide confidence that solo travel is achievable, rewarding and life changing.

The idea for Wing Woman Adventures was born. I taught myself WordPress – and in May 2015 I launched my blog.

Since 2012, I have visited Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia and made solo trips through Canada, and recently Colombia and Hawaii. My life continues to be transformed through travel experiences.

I’ve travelled to 30 countries and aspire to see many more!

Having broken through the excuses, the fears and the doubts of travelling independently, I want to share with you the profound experiences which can be had – by taking a leap of faith and getting on that plane…travel companion, or not!

My mission is to encourage you to take flight!

May all journeys be safe, happy, insightful, inspirational and fulfilling, no matter how big or small the adventure may be.

Sally Watson

Wing Woman Adventures

The name ‘Wing Woman Adventures’ originated as despite my aspirations to sit at the pointy end of a plane in first class, my favourite position flying is to sit at the window on the wing of the plane. Also, a Wing Woman is someone who assists friends – in this case it is with travel and adventure!

To read more about my background please see About Sally.

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