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Best Remote Towns in Colombia

Best Remote Towns Colombia: San Agustin

Curious to get off the grid in Colombia? Want to discover more than the main tourist sites and big cities? Then you’ll want to add these Best Remote Towns in Colombia to your travel itinerary.

If you’re heading to Colombia much awaits you – warm hearted people, salsa, coffee, jungle, mountains, ocean and the most striking exotic array of ecosystems. Colombia is the second most biodiverse country on Earth, after Brazil. Visiting some of the Best Remote Towns in Colombia offers you a chance to experience regions exploding with colour and wildlife.

Aside from the Amazon region of Colombia, San Agustin, Minca and Sapzurro are amongst impressive destinations showcasing the country’s natural diversity.

You’ll be in awe at the plentitude of plants, flowers, birds and butterflies!

Best Remote Towns in Colombia

San Agustin, Minca and Sapzurro are destinations a little more difficult to access than the usual dots on the Colombian tourist circuit (specific info in upcoming blogs). This means that travellers you meet in these locations generally are a little more adventurous, determined to travel the extra mile to experience a somewhat more authentic regional Colombia.

The type of travellers who: journey on horseback through hills sprinkled with ancient archaeological artefacts, ride helmet free with luggage on the back of a motorbike through kilometres of rocky steep mountainous terrain, search for poisonous frogs in a riverbed and monkeys in a forest or brave a notorious boat ride from Turbo or Acandie to an outpost near the Panama border.

It makes a visit to these places all that more compelling!

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*A special thanks and dedication to the late Ernst Ligteringen for the featured photo. He generously shared a number of his remarkable photos from Colombia with me, for my blog. I particularly love this one. Thanks Ernst for all you shared in many various ways!

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