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Letter to Montreal Weather From An Australian

Letter to Montreal


I’ve written to Montreal Weather after her repeat extreme weather warnings:

Snow Storm warning, Heat warning, Storm warning and last night’s Rain warning.

The warnings have gone on and on. It’s been stressful at times.

Yet, I want to make things work. I really love her despite her volatile nature.

Maybe it is me? Perhaps, I just need to forgive her for her extremes and love her as she is, despite the hazardous warnings she keeps giving me.

But last night she threw a rain and wind tantrum, which at times left 95,000 people without electricity. Even today 26,000 businesses and homes are without power.

She obviously had another moment of “outrage” with has left many people with “outage.”

There is still a chance I can love her unconditionally despite her “seasonal swings.” But I need her to know my thoughts…


Letter to Montreal Weather From An Australian


Dear Montreal Weather,

You’re a feisty babe and there’s no denying you keep my life interesting.

You almost have an alluring danger to your personality.

A little bit dramatic sometimes, you’re really passionate and you really feel your emotions.

When you snow, you really snow.

When you’re hot, you’re really hot.

When you thunder, you really thunder.

When you rain, you really rain.

I’m doing my best to appreciate the exotic beauty of your “episodes.”

I know these changes are just a part of life.

You are ever changing and keep things flowing, which encourages me to keep up with your quick pace as you guide me through the year, whilst you’re going through your “four stages.”

I have to admit…life is never boring with you around.

Yet, I need you to know that sometimes you’re a bit extreme – and a bit of a challenge.

Bringing me flooded streets, knee-deep snow in almost hyper thermic conditions, insane humidity where I need a change of clothes for a five-minute walk. And then you subject me to a whole “nation” of trees, which start to die, right in front of my eyes, which you compel me to watch for months.

You have to admit you are a little bit intense. But you make things worse when you have your weather outbursts?

Look, I must be honest. In response to your warnings, my friends have actually given me the warning about you! They think you might be too extreme and they are unsure “whether” you are right for me.

Yet the thing is…I really appreciate your passion in what you do – it makes you, YOU!

You are never half-hearted and you do things with gusto – I kind of admire that.

It’s not just a small shower of rain, or a minute drop of snow, or a mild summer – you show me what’s what, in earnest.

You are not just talk, but action!

The more I learn and live through your cycles, the more I will come to understand you and accept you better. I’m willing to do what I can to adapt to your changing moods.

But I do ask, could you just go a little easy on me and stop becoming so excessive, so suddenly?

I need more normalcy and not to be thrown from one weather spectrum to another on an ongoing basis. Consistency is what is needed here. Can you just be simpler and more straightforward more often, like how you are today? When you are acting in season.

I know you’re just about to start going through another big change forcing those lush green leaves to shred. Which will follow by a cold and dark period for you. As hard as it is for me to watch, I’ll try and support you through it.

I’m hoping we’ll work through this Montreal Weather. You know I need to go soon but whilst I’m away I’ll think about you. No doubt I’ll miss you so much, I’ll be prepared to give it another try.

But I’ll also need you to try to be gentler, with your extreme warnings.

Love Australian xx



Letter to Montreal

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Letter to Montreal

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