• Myths About Colombia
    Travel Thoughts

    Myths About Colombia

    As first seen on news.com.au/travel: Before visiting Colombia, I had many preconceptions of what to expect from a country which was once one of the most dangerous in the world. Times have…

  • Solo Friendly Destinations
    Travel Tips

    Solo Friendly Destinations

    Whilst hugely rewarding, solo travel is not always an easy undertaking. Some places are better suited to the single, whilst others can be testing. If you’re considering appropriate locations, here are…

  • Things I miss about Montreal
    Travel Thoughts

    Things I Miss About Montreal

    Ever wondered what Montreal Canada is like? This blog, Things I Miss About Montreal, might give you an idea of her positives. To be fair I also included what I don't…

  • Sunlight and flowers at Marum Restaurant, Siem Reap, Cambodia
    Travel Tips

    10 Money Tips for Cambodia

    If you're heading to beautiful Cambodia - you may have some questions about money. To help you be street smart about your cash, get your head around the currency and…

  • Pagoda, Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Yoga Etiquette

    If you’re looking to develop and deepen your yoga practice, you may want to embrace the concept of yoga etiquette.…

  • Walking Tour of Old Quebec
    Travel Tips

    Walking tour of Old Québec City

    Get your camera ready - this is one picturesque, quaint, UNESCO World Heritage listed, walled city! Here is a guide to seeing some of the key locations of Old Québec on…

  • Packing Tips for Asia
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    Packing for South East Asia

    If you’re heading to a tropical location in Asia, I’m sure that bathers, shorts, tank tops and flip-flops are on the top of your list to take. But what else should…